This is my entry for GGJ 23. I decided to try out a new networking SDK called coherence and this is my attempt at a persistent world game. Ended up becoming a wave defense game due to time. Basically defend the last flower from the tractors and try to get the highest wave as a community. It is an arcade style game so difficulty ramps up over time (every 5 waves) and eventually becomes impossible.


WASD to move

Shift (either side) to sprint

Space to jump (only needed for jumping over walls)

Left click to use items (hold for building walls or towers)

Use the one key (1) to change to shotgun (this needs ammo resources found on the map, but you start with 10)

Use the two key (2) to change to shovel (place walls) (this needs wall resources found on map)

Use the three key (3) to change to tool box (place towers) (this needs tower resources found on map)

Info About Game Mechanics:

The Last Flower - When enemies collide they deal damage to it and its health can be seen at the bottom of the screen

Shotgun - Damage is dealt in a spread and and is equal for everything hit

Walls - take damage from enemy tractors and deal damage back when there is a collision. Good for defending the flower from all angles and towers.

Towers - Rotate and shoot water that damages enemies (will deactivate for a short time after dealing damage. Will take damage and be destroyed by enemy tractors colliding)

Resources - Spawn across the map nearby the flower. There are 3 types. One is ammo for your shotgun, another is resources for a wall, and the last is resources for a tower.

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